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Total Body Transformation

Take back control of your body and health with Fitnello's most effective,  personalized in-depth coaching. Receive expert support and guidance in every aspect of training and nutrition to finally reach your ultimate goal.


Life-Style Change

Reach your goals with customized guidance and support. With the encouragement and accountability of a dedicated coach, you can achieve physical and mental strength, increased energy, improved self-confidence, and a healthier lifestyle. This is your sign to take steps towards living a life that is more balanced and fulfilling.

Bullet-Proof Program Guaranteed to Bring Results. 

We will create a tailored workout and nutrition plan, designed specifically around your objectives and preferences, ensuring a clear path to rapid fitness results.

Physically fit woman performing lunges outside.

Maximum Results in Minimal Time

Results are 100% guaranteed if you put in the work. Follow the protocols provided by your trainer and see the results come naturually! 

Two physically fit women standing and smiling. They are wearing all black fitness outfits.

Premium 1:1 Coaching

An expert with work with you hands-on in developing a workout and nutrition plan to meet your goals, in addition to lifestyle coaching.

Physically fit black woman with abs doing pull-ups.

Science-Based Protocols

Rather than relying on blind luck, we rely on the evidence and science behind our methods to create tangible improvements in every aspect of health

Essential Tools to Motivate You and Keep You on Track

Get access to all the tools and support you need to build momentum and maintain consistency. You will inevitably reach your fitness goals and develop a new sense of confidence, strength, and well-being.

Track Your Fitness Progress

We will provide you with a personal portal to help you monitor and analyze your progress. 

Step-by-Step Workout Videos

We provide step-by-step workout videos that are tailored to your goals and needs.

Fitnello Mobile Training App

Access your progress, goals, and message your personal trainer from anywhere.

Community Support and Accountability

1:1 Support and access to your coach directly via text. Weekly Check-ins Zoom or Face Time Call (booking the 15 min call appt is mandatory for this).

Supplement Recommendations

If you are looking to boost your fitness regime with supplements, our personal trainers can recommend products for your specific goals.

Available Online & In-Person

No matter where you live, Fitnello's services are available to anyone, anywhere, anytime.

Gym & Home Options

Our expert trainers can create a workout program for those wishing to workout at home or at the gym. We may also incorporate both for maximum flexibility.

Fitness app opened on an iPhone displaying fitness goals for the day.
Fitness app opened on an iPhone displaying workouts.

What's Included?

Customized Training Programs and readjustment if/when needed

Custom macros or meal plan assigned to you by Elina

Weekly Meal Plan Adjustments if needed, will be determined according to weekly results

Weekly Check-ins with an option to schedule  Zoom or Face Time Call for nonlocal clients.
(booking the 15 min call appt is mandatory for this)

Access to Fitnello's custom app to see and track all your workouts, as well as weekly check-ins with weight and measurements

Video Demonstrations for every exercise via Fitnello app

1:1 Support and access to Coach Elina directly via Fitnello app messages 

Access to over 250 + Elina's macro friendly recipes that are lean body diet approved

Lifetime Access to the Fitnello Educational Materials, Nutrition Guide, Workout Programs and more

Gym AND Home Options Available
(with the ability to incorporate both)

FREE Introductory Private Training session included when you buy the 3 month coaching program

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Client Testimonies

Real Results. Real Women.

“Thanks to Fitnello, I overcame an unhealthy relationship with food, stress eating, and an unhealthy lifestyle whatsoever. It’s been 2 months into coaching and I’ve lost 15 lbs on a scale and 8.2% of body fat. My energy level went up, my metabolism increased, and I’m much happier with my inner self and body than ever before."



"I lost 15 lbs of FAT, and 7% of BF. In inches, I lost 6 inches off my belly, 2 inches off my waist, 2 inches off my hips, and 1 inch off my thighs. I was shocked at the results I saw in ONLY 8 weeks. The best part is I never felt hungry or deprived."


"I had been looking for ways of improving my health and nutrition but nothing seemed to match my lifestyle. Then came Fitnello.  would one hundred percent recommend Fitnello to anyone looking to make a healthy and sustainable change for themselves while being surrounded by some amazing and motivating women."


"In 8 weeks, I gained 1.6 pounds of muscle but lost 4.8 pounds of fat and lowered my body fat percentage by 3.9 percent! My personal trainer Elina was there every step of the way, adjusting my macros weekly and suggesting tweaks to my workout plans to help me get closer to my goals."


Ready to Become a Better, Stronger, Healthier Version of Yourself?

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