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Transform your body and improve your health with the customized 4-week meal plan from our transformation specialist who takes into account your previous dieting history and your current goals 

What To Expect:

Personal 1-Hour Consultation with the Certified Transformation Specialist

Spend 1 hour with our experienced coach Elina, either through a personal video/phone call or an in-person meeting.


Elina will dive deep into your dieting history, and your previous experiences with popular diets like keto, intermittent fasting, and more, if you've tried them. She'll also learn about your lifestyle, health issues or concerns, wants, individual needs, and personal goals to create a plan that works best for you.


If you're local to Rocklin, CA, you can pop by the Fitnello Gym for an InBody Scan. It helps Elina understand your body better.


Personalized Meal Plan or Macro Goal:

Based on your unique dieting experience and specific goals, Elina will create a personalized 4-week meal plan just for you. This plan will include daily menu with detailed macronutrient breakdowns and personalized recommendations to help you achieve your goals.


You have the choice to either follow Elina's meal plan or select your own meals while meeting your daily macro goals, all based on Elina's expert analysis of your health and body history.

Follow-Up and Adjustment:

Once your personalized meal plan is ready, you'll have the option for a 15-minute follow-up call with Elina. During this session, she will walk you through your custom meal plan, ensuring that you understand and feel confident in its implementation.


Additionally, during this 15-minute call, you have a one-time opportunity to make adjustments to the meal plan if there are any preferences or dislikes.


The Nutrition Consultation Is Best For Those Who:


Have tried everything
to lose weight

Want to improve their
relationship with food


Need help with body
composition improvement

Need help in understanding macros
and meal planning


Who are skinny but want
to get rid of belly fat

Want to build
lean muscle mass


Want to reduce
body fat percentage

Don't have time to navigate
nutrition on their own


Want independently
execute the coaching

Need quick answers regarding nutrition
from a qualified professional

Example of the Personalized Meal Plan

You will receive a PDF file with the personalized menu, macros split, and delicious recipes

Meet Your Certified Transformation Specialist


Elina B.

Head Trainer, ISSA Certified

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