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Custom, Personalized, Affordable and Effective.

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Get in a Shape You Always Wanted!

A healthy and sustainable approach to weight loss, muscle gain, and figure shaping, designed for women.

Choose a Coaching Plan:

If you feel like you have tried every diet imaginable and nothing seems to work long-term, then weight loss coaching is exactly what you need to finally get your dream body. The most common struggle women face when trying to lose weight is staying consistent and sticking to the program. Why is that?


Women typically gravitate to unsustainable plans and programs that are too restrictive. Oftentimes, women want to see results QUICK so they choose extreme approaches hoping to see instant results. The problem with this is that the programs chosen are too difficult to stick to, causing women to give up too quickly before seeing results.

This lack of consistency and unsustainable dieting attempts lead individuals to jump from one program to another without sticking long enough to see results. This phenomenon is called yo-yo dieting. If this all sounds too familiar, it may be time to consider investing in a fitness coach. 

Our weight loss program is ideal for those that need ongoing guidance throughout their body transformation process. You will be coached directly by the Fitnello Fitness founder, Elina Basaraba, with custom meal plans, personalized workouts, cardio plans, weekly check-ins, and personally tailored supplementation recommendations.

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