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Get 1-on-1 fitness coaching from Fitnello's online personal trainers. Through the Fitnello App, we provide you a customized workout plan tailored to meet your specific goals, as well as options for meal plans. 

Certified Online Personal Trainers. Guaranteed Results. 

Join thousands of happy users!

Simple Plans

Sustainable, practical, and effective plans guaranteed to bring you results.

Personalized Content

100% customizable workout and nutrition plan to fit your lifestyle and reach your goals.

Community Support

Constant communication with a professional certified trainer and like-minded women.

Make a Lifestyle Change with Fitnello Fitness

What Are Your Fitness Goals?


Lose Weight


Live an Active Lifestyle


Build Muscle

Tired of Not Seeing Results at the Gym?

A physically fit muscular woman with blonde hair looking in the mirror and holding dumbells. The image also has message bubbles from her personal trainers encouraging her.

Do you find yourself hitting the gym and on an insane diet, only to give up? No matter how hard you are working, you can't seem to achieve your fitness goals. You may be feeling frustrated and starting to lose motivation.

Fitnello Fitness can help.

Our workout programs and nutrition plans are tailored to meet your specific goals, while also ensuring you do not feel deprived. Rather than forcing you on a sad diet and an intense cardio regime, we provide a sustainable plan that ensures you will reach your goals.

Fitnello online personal training gets real results - that last.

Getting coaching from an online personal trainer who specializes women’s fitness is the best and the fastest way to radically transform your body and get the results you’ve always wanted.


As a member of Fitnello Fitness, you’ll be paired with a certified online fitness coach who will design a custom workout and nutrition plan that’s built around your fitness goals. And all for a fraction of the price you’d pay for the in-person training.

Share Your Fitness Goals and We'll Pair You with a Fitnello Fitness Trainer

Upon initiating your journey with Fitnello, you will be prompted to fill out a brief consultation form, enabling us to pair you with an appropriate expert trainer. This questionnaire will inquire about your fitness objectives, exercise background, available time for workouts, accessible equipment (either at home or the gym), food preferences, and additional details. Utilizing this information, we will connect you with one of our experienced female fitness trainers, who will be an ideal match to assist you in achieving your fitness goals.

Get 1-on-1 Workouts and Nutrition Coaching From Your Personal Trainer Online

Your virtual personal trainer will create a tailored workout and nutrition plan, designed specifically around your objectives and preferences, ensuring a clear path to rapid fitness results. This eliminates any uncertainty regarding exercise selection or dietary guidelines. Simply follow your personalized plan and enjoy the results.

Stay Consistent With Constant Accountability and Support

Your dedicated personal trainer will check in with you regularly and make adjustments to your fitness plan to keep you on track to reaching your goals. In addition, whenever you have a question or need support, you can contact your Fitnello trainer anytime – 24/7! One of our main goals is to give you all of the support required to help you achieve your fitness goals - quickly!

Client Testimonies

Real Results. Real Women.

“Thanks to Fitnello, I overcame an unhealthy relationship with food, stress eating, and an unhealthy lifestyle whatsoever. It’s been 2 months into coaching and I’ve lost 15 lbs on a scale and 8.2% of body fat. My energy level went up, my metabolism increased, and I’m much happier with my inner self and body than ever before."



"I lost 15 lbs of FAT, and 7% of BF. In inches, I lost 6 inches off my belly, 2 inches off my waist, 2 inches off my hips, and 1 inch off my thighs. I was shocked at the results I saw in ONLY 8 weeks. The best part is I never felt hungry or deprived."


"I had been looking for ways of improving my health and nutrition but nothing seemed to match my lifestyle. Then came Fitnello.  would one hundred percent recommend Fitnello to anyone looking to make a healthy and sustainable change for themselves while being surrounded by some amazing and motivating women."


"In 8 weeks, I gained 1.6 pounds of muscle but lost 4.8 pounds of fat and lowered my body fat percentage by 3.9 percent! My personal trainer Elina was there every step of the way, adjusting my macros weekly and suggesting tweaks to my workout plans to help me get closer to my goals."


Ready to Become a Better, Stronger, Healthier Version of Yourself?

Access Everything You Need To Get Leaner, Stronger, and Build Muscle Mass

Regardless of your goal – be it achieving a lean, toned physique, building muscle mass, or shedding persistent abdominal fat – your virtual personal trainer will provide precise guidance on how to attain your desired body shape.


Custom Muscle Building Workouts

Optimize your progress with a custom workout plan crafted specifically for you. Your trainer will precisely guide you on the steps to achieve all your fitness objectives - quickly.

Workout From Home or at the Gym

Your personal trainer will design an effective workout for you based on the equipment you have access to. 

Designed Around Your Schedule

Regardless of the time you have at your disposal for exercising, your virtual personal trainer will develop a plan tailored to accommodate your schedule.

Different Routines to Keep You Motivated

Your trainer will consistently update your workout plan, ensuring you avoid repetitive and monotonous routines while maintaining engagement and variety.

Fat-Burning Nutrition Plans

Achieve a leaner and more defined physique without ditching your favorite foods. Your trainer will provide a well-rounded nutrition plan that is not only effective but also simple to adhere to.

Eat Your Favorite Foods

Your personal trainer will provide you with the exciting meal plan that will help you lose fat and build muscle while incorporating all of your favorite foods.

Eat to Satisfaction

You will not be starving yourself to lose weight. In fact, you most likely be eating more food than before. Your trainer will create a custom diet that will keep you full and satisfied.

No Food is Completely Off Limits

We will teach you how to satisfy and manage your cravings while making fitness progress and getting results.


Unlimited Support From Fitnello

A physically fit woman wearing a black workout top and spandex and blue sneakers. She has her hair in a pony tail and is exercising with a battle rope. There are also text bubbles over the image with encouraging messages from her pesonal trainer.

Your trainer and our entire Fitnello Team is only click or tap away.  You can count on their assistance whenever you have questions or require support, ensuring you remain on the right path throughout your fitness journey.

Consistent Motivation

We'll help you stay focused and consistent with your workouts and diet through regular encouragement and acknowledgment.

Never Feel Stuck

Whenever you hit a plateau, your trainer will be there to help you break through it and make sure you continue making fitness progress.

Get Answers to All Your Questions

Had a weekend diet slip up? Going to a gym and not sure if you should hit the same muscle group again that week? Need to tweek your diet while on a vacation? Just reach out to your trainer for help.

Ready to Become a Better, Stronger, Healthier Version of Yourself?

Bullet-Proof Training Programs Guaranteed to Bring You Results

You may be wondering what's been keeping you from achieving your fitness goals. The answer is conflicting information on the internet due to toxic fitness culture.

Over the last few decades, a surplus of information has been distributed regarding fitness, specifically unsustainable ways to lose weight and build muscle. 

You have probably heard all of the following:


"Carbs will make you fat."

"Carbs help with energy and weight loss."


"Fruits are too sugary."

"Fruits are essential to your health."

"Go on a complete juice cleanse."

"Juice cleanses are dangerous." 

This may leave you confused and frustrated. How do you know what is true? When you sign up with Fitnello, we will provide you with our scientifically-backed nutrition guide guaranteed to bring the results you desire. The best part is that this resource is customizable, sustainable and effective. You will learn how to eat for your goals without feeling deprived!

We guarantee zero bullshit on our end. 

Additionally, our workout plans are curated to meet your specific needs. Whether you want to lose weight or build muscle, we will provide you with effective, science-backed strength training routines ensured to bring the results you desire. All that is required of you is consistency. 

Ready to Become a Better, Stronger, Healthier Version of Yourself?

Essential Tools to Motivate You and Keep You on Track

Get access to all the tools and support you need to build momentum and maintain consistency. You will inevitably reach your fitness goals and develop a new sense of confidence, strength, and well-being.

Track Your Fitness Progress

We will provide you with a personal portal to help you monitor and analyze your progress. 

Step-by-Step Workout Videos

We provide step-by-step workout videos that are tailored to your goals and needs.

Fitnello Mobile Training App

Access your progress, goals, and message your personal trainer from anywhere.

Community Support and Accountability

Join group chats with dozens of other like-minded women to keep you accountable. Our trainers will also consistently provide you with feedback.

Supplement Recommednations

If you are looking to boost your fitness regime with supplements, our personal trainers can recommend products for your specific goals.

Enough Excuses.
Start Today.

This is your sign to stop putting your health on the back-burner. Get into shape today with Fitnello Fitness. When you join, we will provide you with the following:

1-on-1 coaching from a certified online personal trainer

Customized workout and nutrition plans tailored for your specific body and goals

Constant motivation and accountaibility from your personal trainer

Progress check-ins and tweaks with your personal trainer

Supplement guidance and recommendations

Fitnello mobile app to track your progress, view your plans and workouts, and communicate with your trainer


Ready to Become a Better, Stronger, Healthier Version of Yourself?


What is Fitnello?

Fitnello is a personalized, women’s-only fitness studio that provides services globally via online. Additionally, there is an in-person gym boutique in Rocklin, California. The company is operated by female fitness coaches, who are experienced in personal training, group fitness classes, body transformation, weight loss, and nutrition. 

What kind of services does Fitnello provide?

We provide personal training, body transformation coaching, nutrition coaching, fitness meal plan workshops, and group training classes. We also have an online store selling apparel, supplements, and other fitness-related products.

Do I need to go to a gym to train with Fitnello?

No, Fitnello offers online services globally. Additionally, your personal trainer can easily create an at-home workout program. Whether you are training at a local gym, Fitnello studio, or at the comfort of your home, Fitnello will provide you with workouts based on what equipment you have available.

Is my online personal trainer a real human?

Yes! Fitnello has a staff of personal trainers that are real people, including Elina, Angelina, and Jess. Though online personal training is provided, you will be in contact with a real, certified trainer. 

How often are check-ins with my personal trainer?

No, Fitnello offers online services globally. Additionally, your personal trainer can easily create an at-home workout program. Whether you are training at a local gym, Fitnello studio, or at the comfort of your home, Fitnello will provide you with workouts based on what equipment you have available.

Does Fitnello provide services internationally?

Yes! Many of our clients come from out of the country, including Ukraine. We can provide you personal training no matter where you are! 

Is personal training worth it if I travel frequently?

Yes! Fitnello will create a workout and meal plan to suit your lifestyle. If you are on the go, we will equip you with the necessary tools to maintain a healthy lifestyle with your hectic schedule. 

Does Fitnello customize my meal plans based on my allergens, intoleranes, and other sensititivies?

Yes, we will 100% customize your meals for you. No matter the food sensitivity, whether it is an allergy, lactose intolerance or you are gluten-free, we will find a way to ensure you will meet your goals. Additionally, we can curate workouts around any injuries as well. 

How does my online personal trainer check my form?

To ensure you are doing the exercise properly and effectively, we will ask you to submit a video to your trainer every so often. They will then suggest any tweaks or provide other feedback.

How does a Fitnello trainer measure my progress?

Through the Fitnello app, your trainer can view your progress by taking a look at whether your weight strength is improving, through body measurements, weight on a scale, or body scans. You may also upload photos of yourself for your trainer to see any visual progress.

How long does it take to see results?

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question. However, we can guarantee that if you stick to your plans, you will inevitably see results and achieve your goals!

Specialized 1-on-1 Online Coaching

After a brief consultation, we will assign you to a Fitnello personal trainer to help you achieve your goals. 

Ready to start?

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