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Experience Customized Personal Training.

Achieve your fitness and health goals with the expert guidance of a certified fitness professional at Fitnello Fitness’ personal training programs. 


Our personal trainers are dedicated to helping you reduce body fat, enhance strength, and build muscle. First-timers, we will teach you the right way to use equipment and master the proper form and technique to optimize your results.


Benefits of Personal Training for Women at Fitnello Fitness

Our fitness studio offers numerous advantages for women, empowering them to achieve their health and fitness goals while taking into account their unique needs. Here are some key benefits of personal training for women:

1. Customized Programs

Our personal trainers design tailored workout plans that consider individual goals, fitness levels, and personal preferences, ensuring a more effective and enjoyable fitness journey.

2. Increased Motivation

Fitnello personal trainer will provide the encouragement and support needed to stay committed and motivated, making it easier to overcome obstacles and maintain a consistent exercise routine.

3. Improved Technique and Form

Our personal trainers will teach proper exercise techniques, ensuring safety and preventing injuries. The correct form also maximizes workout efficiency, leading to faster and better results.

4. Accountability

We will support you through regular appointments with one of our personal trainers to help establish a sense of accountability, making it less likely to skip workouts or give up on fitness goals.

5. Enhanced Confidence

Working with our female personal trainer will boost self-esteem and body image, as all of our women clients learn to appreciate their physical capabilities and witness the progress they make over time.

6. Targetted Strength Training

Fitnello personal trainers will develop targeted strength training programs, addressing specific areas women may want to focus on, such as core strength, glute development, or upper body toning.

7. Pregnancy and Postpartum Fitness

Our personal trainers will guide women through safe and effective exercise routines during pregnancy and after childbirth, helping them maintain fitness and recover more quickly.

8. Menopause Support

Our trainers are trained to provide exercise routines and advice specifically tailored to women experiencing menopause, helping them manage symptoms and maintain overall health.

9. Nutritional Guidance

Our personal trainers will offer nutritional advice, assisting our women clients in making healthier food choices that complement their fitness goals.

10. Long-Term Lifestyle Changes

We specialize in providing personal training that promotes the adoption of sustainable, healthy habits, leading to lasting improvements in overall well-being

Meet Our Qualified Personal Trainers


Elina B.

Head Trainer, ISSA Certified

Headshot of a woman with curly brown hair smiling. She is wearing a brown turtle neck. She is a personal trainer.

Angelina C.

Personal Trainer, ISSA Certified


Moira B.

Group Classes Trainer, ISSA Certified


Natalia T.

Customer Acquisition and Support, ISSA Certified

At Fitnello Fitness, we require all our personal trainers to possess certifications related to fitness, health, and nutrition. It is our mission to provide our clients with the most trustworthy fitness advice to ensure they can reach their goals. We are ISSA and NASM-certified facility. 
Don't hesitate to reach out to us for more information!

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