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Online Training Programs $99/mo.

Our personalized online training service offers a customized, 4-week workout program and nutrition plan based on your specific goals. Receive a program from a fitness expert while independently training on your own time. 


Workout Plans Made Specifically For You.

Looking for a training plan that is specifically made for you? Fitnello's personalized training program is designed to help you achieve your fitness goals in the most efficient and effective way possible. Our expert trainers will create a customized workout and nutrition plan for you, tailored to your individual needs and goals. With our 4-week program, you will get a comprehensive workout plan that will help you reach your desired results, whether it’s to lose weight, build muscle, or just improve your overall physical fitness.

Step 1
Consultation Call

Jump on a discovery call with a certified Fitnello trainer. We will work with you to develop a personalized exercise plan based on your fitness level and goals.

iPhone with fitness app that shows workout programs.

Step 2
Receive Access to the Fitnello App

After your consultation, you will receive access to the Fitnello app. There you will find your customized workout plan, workout tutorial videos, and the ability to track your progress. 

Step 3
Stay Consistent

Staying consistent at the gym is the key to reaching your fitness goals. Without regular and consistent effort, it is unlikely that you will get the results you desire. With a combination of a good workout program and proper nutrition, you will be able to achieve the body you desire.

Physically fit woman weight lifting with a barbell. The background has gym equipment such as a smith machine and squat rack.

What's Included?

One month training program

Gym or Home Options Available

Fitnello community support via social media

Macros or meal plan tailored to your goals

Workout and cardio protocols

Supplement Guide

Adjustments to meal plans and workouts with each reoccurring monthly payment. (Readjustments do not apply to a one-time purchase).

Access to recipes and snacks through @fitnello.nutrition to incorporate and/or swap into your meal plan

Customizable profile and progress trackers via Fitnello app

Free Fitnello Nutrition Guide PDF Book 

Need More Guidance?

Upgrade to our full body transformation service for a customized nutrition plan, lifestyle coaching, weekly check-ins, and direct communication with a fitness coach.

Blonde muscular woman flexing her arms. She is wearing glasses, a white sports bra, and black leggings.

Body Transformation

Fully customized gym-based or home-based program with nutrition and lifestyle coaching. Check-ins with your coach and detailed feedback.

Woman with black long hair and black top and leggings. She is stretching.

Free Consultation

Unsure which package is best for you? Book a free consultation with a Fitnello trainer to find a program with the perfect fit.


What is Fitnello?

Fitnello is a personalized, women’s-only fitness studio that provides services globally via online. Additionally, there is an in-person gym boutique in Rocklin, California. The company is operated by female fitness coaches, who are experienced in personal training, group fitness classes, body transformation, weight loss, and nutrition. 

What kind of features are inside the Fitnello app?

Access to Fitnello's Custom App will allow you see all your workouts and track them. The app also provides space for weekly check-ins with weight and measurements. This will help keep you accountable.

Do I need to go to a gym to train with Fitnello?

No, Fitnello offers online services globally. Additionally, your personal trainer can easily create an at-home workout program. Whether you are training at a local gym, Fitnello studio, or at the comfort of your home, Fitnello will provide you with workouts based on what equipment you have available.

How do nutrition plans work?

Fitnello offers two options when creating a nutrition plan: specific meal plans or a macro-based plan. If you choose a macro-based plan, a trainer can create custom macros upon request. 

How often are check-ins with my personal trainer?

Weekly! You will receive feedback from your personal trainer every week and make any appropriate tweaks to your program. Please keep in mind this only applies to limited services.

Does Fitnello provide services internationally?

Yes! Many of our clients come from out of the country, including Ukraine. We can provide you personal training no matter where you are! 

Does Fitnello customize my meal plans based on my allergens, intoleranes, and other sensititivies?

Yes, we will 100% customize your meals for you. No matter the food sensitivity, whether it is an allergy, lactose intolerance or you are gluten-free, we will find a way to ensure you will meet your goals. Additionally, we can curate workouts around any injuries as well. 

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