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Elevate your next cardio, circuit, or HIIT session with the Sweet Sweat Workout Enhancer Gel, the topical treatment that’s designed to help you sweat and tone on your way to achieving your fitness goals. Activated by your elevated heart rate, Sweet Sweat gels are designed to help you sweat harder and faster while you exercise, so you can cut excess water weight and get the most out of every drop. Make it a Sweet Sweat Waist Trimmer combo. Break a better sweat and accelerate your warmup with Sweet Sweat gel when used with our signature waist trainer, creating the perfect sweat set. Spread a thin, even layer on your targeted areas during your pre workout and get ready to sweat. Our gel is essential workout equipment during your workout for arms, on your abs, or slow-to-respond inner thighs. Use at the gym or in your own home gym to sweat more during pilates, cardio, circuit fitness, and interval workouts. Sweet Sweat can also be used while swimming and in a dry or infrared sauna.

Sweet Sweat Workout Enhancer Cream

    • Brand: Sports Research Corporation
    • Form: Cream
    • Number of Servings: 0 Servings
    • Product Weight: 7  OZ
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