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Oikos Pro Strawberry Yogurt-Cultured Ultra-Filtered Milk has 20g of protein per 5.3oz cup to help build muscle. Oikos Pro is a delicious snack with 9 essential amino acids, vitamin d, and calcium for strong bones. And there’s 0g of added sugar* per serving, and no artificial flavors or colors from artificial sources. So take a tasty plunge into Oikos Pro’s creamy deliciousness and experience the protein-packed snack that doesn’t compromise on taste. Oikos Pro is your spoon-able high-protein snack, there whenever you need it. Try Oikos Pro and experience a world of creamy, protein-packed snacks that will help you and your family feel good and make healthy choices.


    • Oikos Pro Yogurt-Cultured Ultra-Filtered Milk
    • 5.3 Oz
    • Strawberry flavor
    • 20g of protein in every 5.3oz cup
    • Contains 9 essential amino acids
    • Excellent source of vitamin d and calcium per serving
    • No artificial flavors or colors from artificial sources
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