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8-Week Challenge to Help You Get Shredded for This Year’s Summer Vacation and Build Your Ultimate Version of Bikini Body Shape

July 8 - Sep 1, 2024


Build Your Dream Summer Body

Welcome to our Ultimate 8-Week Summer Shred Challenge!


Are you ready to make this summer your fittest, strongest, and sexiest yet? It's not too late to transform your body and your approach to fitness and health.


Join us on an exciting 8-week journey to burn fat, build muscle, and feel fantastic. Whether your goal is to tone up, lose weight, or adopt a healthier lifestyle, our challenge will help you. With a combination of effective home and gym workouts, personalized weekly meal plans, and ongoing support from our coaches and fellow participants, you'll have everything you need to succeed.


But this 8-week Challenge is about more than just exercise. It's about transforming your lifestyle. We're here to help you not only reach your fitness goals but also maintain them for the long term. Our team of certified fitness experts and nutritionists have put together a program that can be customized to fit your needs and goals, and is perfect for everyone, no matter your fitness level. 


All Fitness Levels are welcome, whether you're just starting out or looking to take your fitness journey to the next level, our challenge will push you to your limits and help you grow. So why wait? Join us today!

What's Included?

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Exclusive Fitnello App Access:

Keep your fitness journey close with our private app. Track your progress and stay accountable through check-ins. 

8-Week Custom Home and Gym Training Program:

Our program is perfect for women of all ages and fitness levels, including busy moms and professionals. Get ready for a transformation with a plan that suits your schedule!

Video Demonstration of Each Workout:

Watch and follow along with videos for every workout in your program, making it easy to keep up.

Weekly Seasonal Meal Plans:

Eat right with custom meal plans designed for your fitness goals.

Over 500 Macro-Friendly Recipes:

Find plenty of delicious recipes that fit your nutrition.

Learn from Experts:

Get valuable insights from educational content created by our certified coaches.

Fitnello Nutrition Guide:

Nutrition Guide with Fitnello's "5FIT Principles" that will help you see results without feeling like you are dieting.

Join Our Community:

Connect with other women on a similar journey in our Instagram Private Support Group Chat for extra motivation and support.

24/7 Support:

Our certified coaches are here for you offering 100% support via the Fitnello App, check-ins and guidance whenever you need it, so you never feel like you are on your own.

Special Bonuses

3 group classes for FREE at Fitnello Fitness in Rocklin, CA

FREE, brand new edition of Elina's "Ultimate Recipe Collection" cook book that will go hand in hand with your weekly seasonal menu during these next 8 weeks






Client Testimonials

These fitness challenge participants are real women with real results. They are moms, business owners, students, wives, nurses, accountants, chronic illness fighters, and graveyard shifters, with some never having stepped foot into a gym in their life.



On this challenge, I was able to gain 1.7 lbs of lean muscle! As well as lose 10.2 lbs of fat with a total of 5.2% body fat lost! I’ve also lost 2.5in on my waist, 3 in on my belly, and 2in on my hips. I feel a lot more confident and happy with how I look! I’m going to continue to follow everything I have learned in this challenge and continue working! If you want the total package in terms of fitness plans, meal plans and team encouragement, and awesome feedback from your coach this is a challenge you should do!



I joined a 8 week challenge not knowing what to expect... I lost 12 pounds and 2.4% body fat! This challenge forced me to be honest with myself, break some habits that I thought were impossible to break, and I have found the confidence I have been lacking the last few years.



I decided to take this challenge to get in shape for my 37th birthday, as well as to look good in a bikini this summer, but I did not expect to see the results I achieved with this challenge. After losing 18lb of body fat I feel so much more confident in my body, my mood has improved and I feel happier and healthier together!

It was easy to follow, Elina did an incredible job of providing you with all you need to succeed in this challenge, so if you stick to the meal plan and workouts, you will see the results!

Previous Fitnello
Weight Loss Challenges

Over the past four years, Fitnello has hosted over a dozen seasonal challenges. Hundreds of women have taken proactive steps to get their health back on track through these challenges.

Our fitness challenges are designed to push your limits and transform your body. With each new challenge, participants explore a variety of workouts, track their progress, and join a supportive community to reach their goals together!

Fitnello Fitness challenges are empowering. They are tailored for women to build strength, boost confidence, and enhance well-being. From beginner-friendly workouts to advanced training plans, join a sisterhood of like-minded women on a journey to unleash your full potential and achieve your fitness goals.

Ready to Become a Better, Stronger, Healthier Version of Yourself?

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