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Fitness Regime

Fitnello is unlike any other fitness gym near you. We differ from others by uniquely combining functional fitness with weight training and HIIT training. Many of the studios emphasize the fact that they serve HITT or Cardio Based workouts.  We believe in both HIIT and cardio, but we also believe that it is impossible to build a dream body without regular weight lifting.  Simply put, you won't find any professional athlete anywhere in the world that managed to become a pro by just doing HITT and Cardio workouts.  Therefore, our method combines both approaches of HIIT and a meaningful weight lifting. 


We are a fully equipped, state of the art, all-women's gym. Classes and personal training are taught on-site at our studio or online. With our weight training and HIIT combo, no two workouts are ever the same!  


Fitnello's nutrition approach is all about sustainability. This is not a diet where you will ever feel deprived. Here at Fitnello, we follow what we call our "5-FIT Rules". These rules are easy to remember and serve as your anchor for weight loss. That, along with our complete nutrition guide, dieting has never felt so effortless and enjoyable. You will learn to eat for your goals, to satisfaction, and flexibility, all while seeing weekly results that get you closer to your ultimate goal. 


Macros are the foundation on which Fitnello Nutrition was built and which all of the recipes are based on. When it comes to changing your body composition, it comes down to the macronutrient ratio that you consume daily more so than your total calories. Elina is not only a women’s body transformation nutrition expert, but she is also a fitness recipe creator with several cookbooks. With over 250+ macro-friendly recipes included within these programs, you will never find a single dull meal in your plan. Follow @fitnello.nutrition on Instagram for updated recipes.

Our method for women's fitness is guaranteed to work if the three simple steps are followed consistently:

girl lifts weight.png
HITT icon.png

Correct Nutrition & Supplementation Regiment

Regular Weight Lifting

Consisted Cardio

We are currently serving: Rocklin, Roseville, Granite Bay, Loomis, and Lincoln communities by coaching on-site at our Rocklin studio. In addition, our team is currently mentoring thousands of women via our online fitness programs, challenges, and weight loss coaching. Join us every week, Monday through Saturday! 

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