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Elina Basaraba

Founder of Fitnello Fitness

Head ISSA Certified Trainer

Bachelor's in Psychology from UC Davis

Elina's Story

Elina embarked on her American adventure in 1998, leaving Latvia at the age of 10 with her family.

She's not just fluent in three languages – English, Ukrainian, Russian – but also fluent in her passion for fitness and well-being. But here's the plot twist: Elina wasn't always into fitness. It might surprise you, but Elina was once 50 pounds overweight and struggled with self-image from age 12. Yet, she dreamed of becoming a dietitian at the age of 14 to overcome these challenges.

Elina's first venture into the digital world was as the creator of the popular Instagram account from 2012-2013 sharing exclusive recipes and inspiring her followers to make healthier choices.

She's happily married for 15 years to the man she fell in love with at 18, and they have 2 amazing sons born in 2010 and 2013. During both pregnancies, she stayed active and maintained a super-clean diet.

Elina used to hate running as a teenager but discovered her passion when she went for a run with her 5-month-old son in a stroller. Today, she enjoys 10-mile runs just for fun!

In 2018, Elina faced a major setback when she tore her ACL in a skiing accident. But she recovered like a true athlete, valuing movement and exercise more than ever.

Elina's fitness journey began 13 years ago when she stumbled upon Zuzka Light on YouTube, instantly falling in love with fitness. While graduating with a degree in Psychology from UC Davis, her heart belonged to fitness, evident in her elective choices – anatomy, physiology, and kinesiology.

After earning her certifications and moving from Seattle to Cali with her family, she knew it was time to make her dreams a reality. In 2019 she launched Fitnello Fitness Instagram account, and FITNELLO was born in December 2019.

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