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InBody Composition


An Accurate Measurement of Your Body and Fitness Progress


What is a Body Scan?

The InBody scan is a body composition analysis. It measures your body and provides a detailed, yet easy-to-understand report.  At the end of the test you will get a result sheet.  On your results sheet, you will see metrics including weight, total skeletal muscle mass, total body fat, total body water, and a full segmental muscle and fat analysis.


In 15-seconds, the InBody Scan will quickly measure fat mass, muscle mass, and body water. It is auto-calibrated, user-friendly, and non-invasive; testing is fast and easy—just stand on the device and hold the hand electrodes.

There are no empirical estimations based on age, sex, ethnicity, or body type.  Instead, the world-renowned InBody270 Scanner's Direct Segmental Multi-Frequency BIA technology measures body segments separately for an accurate analysis based on your unique body. No vague estimations only verified results. The data is detailed and accurate, gathering essential outputs for evaluating overall health and wellness. The scan identifies changes in body composition, tracks progress, validates programs, and delivers actionable advice based on trustworthy data.

Why Take a Body Scan?

The reason to take a body scan versus a body weight using a traditional scale is that your weight is made up of muscle, fat, and water. The key to effective weight loss is losing excess body fat, not overall body weight.  Science shows that weight loss is not the same as fat loss. Instead of tracking how heavy you are, use body composition analysis to track how healthy you really are.  In addition to that, often various fitness challenges will require a body scan to track and verify results... you can always scan for FREE at Fitnello Fitness studio.

How Often to Do It?

Take your InBody Test every two to four weeks to continuously monitor and improve your weight loss.  At Fitnello, you will always receive a free consultation with every InBody Test. See how body composition analysis can help you build muscle, and lose weight smarter and more effectively.  Unlike other body scan tests, InBody does not expose you to harmful radiation (X-Rays), instead gentle electrical currents of various frequencies (wavelength or speed) are passed through the body, so these tests are virtually harmless. Per the manufacturer, the InBody machine is safe to use for anyone aged 3 and up. It is safe to use while pregnant although may be best to wait until you are passed the first trimester of pregnancy and to always consult with your physician when in question. 

Why do We Offer it for Free? 

This test typically costs $50 each time you take it.  On top of the pricey operational cost, the machine we use for this test - InBody270 - costs over $7,500.  We have decided to provide a free test for every woman in Rocklin, Roseville, Lincoln, and Nearby Areas regardless if they are Fitnello's clients or not.  We do it because we believe in the power of knowledge and because we want to equip you with the best information about your body, so you could start making meaningful progress, without losing any precious time guessing what you need to do to achieve your fitness goal.  Fitnello Fitness views this offer as an investment into our community! 

Things You Will Get:

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