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It is clear that strong muscle growth begins with post-workout nutrition. What you put into your body after a tough workout will make or break your progress. Ignition has been designed to address the most disregarded factor of post-exercise nutrition—refilling your glycogen stores and increasing your insulin for the most protein and nutrient absorption. For years we have been told to drink protein after a workout, however, that isn't the full picture. Consuming protein on its own is better than having nothing at all, but 1st Phorm® desires to get you the best possible results, not just the "better than nothing" outcomes. Having just protein after a workout means that your body will slowly digest this protein, convert most of it into glucose and put it in the cell as glycogen. This means a lot of time and money is being wasted, and no protein is left in the end to build or repair muscles since it has all been turned into glycogen. The time and effort your body could be using to recover or build muscle is being used for the digestion process; money spent on protein is being lost in the conversion process. Besides a whey isolate, you should consume a fast-absorbing carbohydrate that increases your insulin levels to restore glycogen.

IGNITION Glycogen Replenishment Formula

SKU: 0850026196818
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