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The significance of sleep is regularly ignored by many individuals. A good quality slumber is essential for calming down stress, replenishing energy, and synthesizing hormones. With the combined pressure of job, physical activity, and life in general, it can be difficult to relax and have an uninterrupted sleep. The easy access to technology and entertainment, plus the use of mobile devices, have only made the problem worse. The exclusive mix of herbs and neurotransmitters in Night-T™ can enhance the quality of sleep and deepen R.E.M. sleep, thus reducing stress and aiding in recovery. Night-T is also designed to amplify testosterone production, leading to augmented growth hormone levels of up to 157%. Furthermore, by inhibiting the hormone somatostatin which otherwise reduces growth hormone, Night-T can help a person have reduced stress, heightened growth hormone, and improved sleep.

NIGHT-T Nighttime Recovery Formula

  • Our current arrangement with 1st Phorm only allows us to sell this item at our physical location.

  • Take two (2) to three (3) capsules with 16-20oz of water about 45 minutes before you want to fall asleep. Be sure to take when you have at least eight (8) hours to devote to restful sleep.

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