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Phormula-1 is a premium-grade whey protein isolate that is expertly blended and processed to deliver superior bioavailability and assimilation. It contains a Low Temperature Processed Cross-Flow Micro-Filtrated Whey Protein Isolate, making it an ideal post-workout option and a quick source of essential amino acids for those who are on a low-carb diet or preparing for their next event. Phormula-1 is also an excellent choice for post-workout recovery and muscle repair, and can be paired with 1st Phorm's Ignition for maximum results. This protein powder is virtually void of carbohydrates and is free from artificial sweeteners, making it a guilt-free indulgence.

PHORMULA-1 Hydrolyzed Whey Protein

SKU: 20
    • FOR BEST RESULTS: Let Phormula-1® sit for 60 seconds after mixing to allow air bubbles to dissipate which will ensure the smoothest possible shake.
    • MALES SHOULD: PRE-WORKOUT: Use one (1) scoop of Phormula-1 with 1/2 scoop of Ignition in six (6) oz of water. POST-WORKOUT: Use 2 scoops of Phormula-1 with 1 scoop of Ignition in 12 oz of water.
    • FEMALES SHOULD: PRE-WORKOUT: Use 1/2 scoop of Phormula-1 with 1/4 scoop Ignition in 4 oz of water. POST-WORKOUT: Use 1 scoop of Phormula-1 with 1/2 scoop Ignition in 6 oz of water.
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