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Moira Brown

Group Class Trainer, NASM Certified

Moira's Story

From a young age, Moira enjoyed physical activities and maintaining her strength. Throughout her three years of middle school, she was a student of kickboxing, she was a fierce fighter who loved the sport. While in middle school and high school, she also participated in cross-country, track and field, tennis, and cheerleading. Maintaining strength, endurance, and proper form were important to her. She found herself loving weight training in high school and continued to develop after completing high school at the young age of 15.


Now a pre-nursing student, Moira spends her time balancing between hitting the books and hitting the gym. She came to FITNELLO after her mother had joined the gym. Quickly, her excellent form and dedication to fitness and the FITNELLO mindset, caught the eyes of the fitness instructors. Elina and Angelina took Moira under their wings and helped her to develop small group class leading skills while Moira worked on her NASM certification. She has since completed her internship and has joined the FITNELLO team.


In a FITNELLO class lead by Moira, you’ll find her being your biggest cheerleader, encouraging you every step of the way. She’s been known to do reps along side someone struggling, so they don’t feel alone. Sweet, is the word many members call her.


Outside of the gym, you can find Moira studying diligently in her nursing prerequisite classes. She is passionate about anatomy and brings her knowledge to the gym.


She enjoys trying new healthy recipes, Elina’s protein treats are amongst her favorites! She’s a lover of dogs, iced coffee, Christmas, and hanging out with her friends and family.

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