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8 Benefits of Detoxing

Updated: May 14

Woman pushing away cupcake and eating fruit.

1. Reduce inflammation

Cutting out processed foods, sugars and unhealthy fats which are known to cause inflammation can lower the body's burden. This may help alleviate symptoms of conditions linked to inflammation, like pain and swelling while also boosting health and wellbeing through bolstering the body's innate healing mechanisms.

One aspect of a detox program is the avoidance of alcohol consumption. The liver is the main organ responsible for the metabolization of alcohol, and as you already know, the liver is one of the organs that are essential for our detox system. However, the product of the metabolization of alcohol is acetaldehyde, a chemical linked to a higher risk of cancer.

Acetaldehyde is so harmful that the liver then converts it into acetate and then eliminates it from the body, which is useful when thinking of occasional drinks on weekends. However, when drinking becomes a habit, the liver starts to become overwhelmed by the buildup, scarring and even inflammation, with the liver not functioning correctly, so it’s our detox system. Avoiding alcohol consumption is one of the most basic, and yet most effective overall detox rules.

2. Purify your blood

We have a natural detox system involving many major organs, these organs’ health is crucial to guarantee that the natural detox in itself is efficient and strong. That’s why detox programs are designed to jump start your health journey, which will then strengthen our detoxing abilities so our bodies could become more efficient at constantly providing maximum daily detox with minimal effort because your system is cleaned out.

By switching to a healthy lifestyle of clean eating, exercising and doing other healthy daily habits like dry brushing, and taking an epsom salt bath, you will stop polluting your system which in return makes you feel your absolute best.

Foods high in antioxidants like berries, nuts and leafy greens can safeguard the liver from harm while aiding in its cleansing functions. Likewise staying well hydrated helps the kidneys efficiently eliminate waste products from the blood through urine.

In terms of blood regeneration, our bodies continually generate blood cells to replace old ones. For instance red blood cells have a lifespan of 120 days before being replenished. This continuous cycle ensures that our blood stays effective in carrying oxygen and nutrients to tissues while removing metabolic wastes like carbon dioxide. 

According to the American Society of Hematology, the bone marrow produces around 200 billion new red blood cells daily, highlighting the body's remarkable capacity for regeneration and self-purification. The changing process of blood cleansing, in the body highlighted by this knowledge is what detox programs strive to enhance by promoting the well being of the liver and kidneys.

3. Lose weight

Like “superfoods”, the idea of a “detox” is also a popular weight-loss strategy used by many. It starts with the idea of following a specific “clean” diet for a day or two to clean our bodies from all of the junk food that we ate the night before, or perhaps on thanksgiving dinner. The central idea is that this would help our body eliminate the toxins from our body and reduce bloating, and hopefully get rid of water retention. Although these benefits are entirely accurate, I invite you to look at detox differently.

Our body has a pretty efficient system of detoxifying involving our kidneys, liver, digestive system, and even our skin, meaning that we don’t need to do a detox to remove the toxins from the foods we eat and the products that we consume. But it sure can help your liver and kidneys to do that more efficiently while letting your body rest from overworking on eliminating all the junk you consume on a daily basis.

During a detox program, your diet will consist of raw foods. Eating raw food means having unprocessed, organic, plant-based and whole foods as a priority. Although weight loss is not the direct reason for eating raw food, natural weight loss is also expected from eating raw due to its benefits. The reason why it’s so healthy is that raw food items are rich in nutrients.

Raw foods include fruits, legumes, vegetables and nuts. In this food group alone, we have adequate sources of fats, proteins and carbohydrates. By staying away from processed foods, you also stay away from sugar and bad sources of fats, preventing cardiovascular disease and inflammation.

4. Sleep better

Woman sleeping in a bed.

Starting a short term detox program can be quite refreshing especially when it comes to improving the quality of your sleep. These programs usually focus on getting rid of toxins and eating nutrient packed foods, which can bring about health advantages like sleep patterns.

To begin with, detox plans typically recommend cutting down or eliminating caffeine and sugar from your diet. Much caffeine, a stimulant, in coffee, tea and some soft drinks can really mess with your sleep by messing up your body clock and reducing overall sleep time.

Likewise excessive sugar consumption can lead to fluctuating blood sugar levels that may keep you awake at night and hinder sleep. By reducing these substances in your diet your body's natural sleep wake cycle (circadian rhythm) can stabilize, allowing for consistent and uninterrupted sleep.

Moreover detox diets encourage eating foods like fruits, veggies and whole grains that are rich in essential nutrients like vitamins, minerals and fiber. These nutrients play a role in keeping hormone levels balanced – including melatonin which regulates our sleep patterns. Eating a diet that includes plenty of antioxidants and limits processed foods can help reduce inflammation in the body, which is often associated with sleep issues, like sleep apnea.

Staying hydrated is also especially important when following a detox plan. Drinking fluids, water can aid in getting rid of toxins from the body and support natural detox processes like those carried out by the liver and kidneys. Ensuring hydration is essential for cell function including those related to the brain and nervous system, which are key for achieving restful sleep.

Following a brief detox regimen can lead to not only improvements in sleep quality but also long lasting benefits for overall well being. This comprehensive approach is vital for sustaining energy levels, mental sharpness and emotional stability. All factors that contribute to better sleep quality and a fulfilling life.

5. Boost your circulation

Standing person massaging their legs.

Another added benefit to following a detox is that it can have an impact on heart health especially by improving blood flow. Detox programs focus on adjusting your diet, staying hydrated and getting rid of harmful substances, which will all work together to support your heart.

One key aspect of cleanse programs is the importance placed on eating nutrient packed foods like fruits, veggies and whole grains that're full of essential vitamins and minerals crucial for blood health. For instance foods high in vitamin C and iron like fruits and leafy greens can help the body absorb iron better and boost collagen production, which's important for keeping blood vessels healthy.

Including antioxidant foods in your diet can help reduce inflammation and protect the lining of blood vessels (endothelium) leading to improved artery health and better overall blood circulation.

Detox diets often suggest cutting down on salt intake and processed foods. Much salt can raise blood pressure levels putting strain on the heart and hindering circulation. By reducing salt consumption while increasing potassium intake from sources, like bananas and avocados you can naturally lower blood pressure levels making it easier for blood to flow through your arteries and veins.

Staying properly hydrated is another factor. Drinking water can help thin out the blood making it less thick so it flows easily throughout your body. Staying properly hydrated also helps the kidneys filter out waste from the bloodstream, which contributes to circulation health. By making these changes and prioritizing hydration following a short detox plan can result in enhanced blood flow ensuring that the body receives oxygen and nutrients essential for overall well being and energy.

6. More energy

With our body not working so hard, we will have more natural energy and generally feel much better on all levels. While many like to look at detox as a way of losing weight quickly, I like to see it as a health strategy to boost your energy, immune system, and overall well-being.

I like to see it as a rest for my system, a boost to continue on my healthy lifestyle journey in life that I took many years ago. It sparks excitement once again to be more mindful of my daily eating practices and make healthy choices because of wanting, not need for any specific reason.

Additionally, following this clean diet can help you stabilize your blood sugar levels and improve digestion. By cutting out processed foods and sugar, you reduce the spikes in blood sugar that contribute to the feeling of fatigue. And improving your gastrointestinal system can reduce bloating and discomfort that may contribute to lower energy levels.

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7. Increased fitness levels

Fit woman running on an outdoor trail

The detox process itself typically involves following a diet while cutting out processed foods and toxins which can result in more effective workouts and improved physical well being.

One of the advantages of undergoing a cleanse program is the enhancement of metabolic efficiency. By sticking to a diet that includes foods, like fruits, veggies, lean proteins and whole grains your body gets essential nutrients that support metabolism. A functioning metabolism efficiently turns food into energy by storing it as fat. This boosted metabolic rate is essential for fitness enthusiasts as it improves the body's ability to burn calories quicker, when exercising as well as at rest.

Detoxification also often leads to health by removing foods that may cause bloating and discomfort such as dairy gluten and processed sugars. A healthier gut allows for absorption crucial, for muscle repair and growth. This becomes post workouts as muscles require proper nourishment to recover and strengthen. Enhanced digestion also reduces fatigue and boosts vitality making it easier to stick to an exercise routine.

Ensuring you stay properly hydrated is crucial, for maintaining physical performance during your workouts. Water plays a role in delivering nutrients to cells, lubricating joints and regulating body temperature while working out. Increasing your water intake can aid in flushing out toxins from the body through the kidneys, skin and digestive system promoting health and enabling physical performance.

Additionally the mental advantages of detoxing such as heightened energy levels and improved mood can significantly contribute to achieving fitness objectives. Feeling mentally positive can boost motivation and dedication to exercise routines making it easier to adhere to a fitness regimen. When you are able to be consistent with your exercise, you will begin seeing progress towards your fitness goals. 

In essence detoxification lays the groundwork for enhancing fitness levels by optimizing functions, improving nutrient absorption and fostering a more energetic and driven mindset.

8. Detox to boost micro-nutrient intake

Juicing is an excellent strategy to make sure that you’re consuming your vegetables and its nutrients every day. This is possible because fruits and vegetables, as you know, are rich in nutrients, but we rarely eat enough of it throughout the day.

The juice from fresh vegetables and fruits will keep most of its nutritional value, except for fiber. Being so, if you’re someone who struggles to eat more than an apple, juicing might be the solution. Not to mention, some of the benefits of juicing include better brain health, as juicing is linked to a delay of Alzheimer’s disease, better gut health – which can also help with weight loss-, and better heart health, especially preventing coronary artery disease. Also make sure to not confuse blending with juicing.

With blending, you add water to the fruit and vegetables that you are blending to liquify it, but you still have all the fiber to digest, it didn’t go anywhere. Just because it’s in the liquid form, your body still needs to digest that.

However, when juicing, you’re left with the micronutrients of the produce and all the essential stuff. The most important part is that although fiber is good for us when juicing, the sole purpose is the micronutrients, not the fiber. Although both are good for your health, be sure to pay attention to which one you are doing.

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