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Physically fit woman with blonde ponytail working out. She is wearing a black sports bra and leggings. She is holding an olympic weight lifting plate.

Online Training Programs $45

Want to start working out without a trainer? Workout independently anytime, anywhere with any one of our effective fitness programs!

Train Anytime, Anywhere.

Want to start working out, but don't know where to start? Whether you are looking to strength train, perform high-intensity exercises, or simply stay active, our independent online training programs are guaranteed to help you meet your fitness goals.

Without the commitment of a personal trainer, these packages allow you to exercise anytime, anywhere. We offer programs for any fitness level, whether you are a beginner or more advanced in your training. There are also home and gym options available.

Bikini Body Glute-Focused Workout Program

Program type: Weight Training

If your goal is to grow your glutes, this is the right program for you. This program is designed to achieve the perfect bikini body, making it ideal for an upcoming vacation or the summer season. Follow this program's protocols including the cardio schedule, and a clean protein-rich diet for 100% guaranteed results.

What is included?

8-week Glute-focused program

Gym-mandatory and ideal for shredding

Strength Training

Progressive training with 3 phases: 

Phase 1 = 4 trainings/ 1 glute day

Phase 2 = 5 trainings/ 2 glute days

Phase 3 = 6 trainings/ 3 glute days

HIIT cardio + Steady-state Cardio protocols that increase with each phase


Shortcut to Fit
Workout Program

Program type: HIIT

This program includes 10 amazing total body, fat-burning, conditioning style workout routines, plus additional 4 cardio sculpting routines that will without a doubt get you short shorts and bikini ready this summer. This program is guaranteed to boost your fitness level rapidly.

What is included?

Home-friendly workout program 

10 fat-burning, conditioning workouts 

4 cardio sculpting routines

40-minute, time-efficient workouts

Minimal equipment

Bikini Body Hybrid Workout Program

Program type: Weight Training

Our 6-week Bikini Body Workout Program is the perfect way to build strength and tone up in time for summer. This is a hybrid program, meaning that on the days you cannot make it to the gym, a home version of the workout is provided. Our program focuses on strength training and conditioning to help you get the toned body you want. With progressive workouts, you will be able to reach your goals faster. Get ready to transform your body and feel confident in your bikini this summer!

What is included?

6-week program

Home & Gym versions for every workout, providing flexibility

Workout and cardio schedules

5 workouts/week: 2 upper body, 2 lower body, and 1 total body

Steady state + HIIT cardio protocols 

6-week calendar to keep you accountable

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Beginners Basic Strength Training Program

Program type: Strength Training

This beginner's basic strength training program is the perfect way to get started on your fitness journey. With minimal equipment, you can start building strength and toning your body from the comfort of your own home. This program includes dumbbells, kettlebells, and booty bands, allowing you to perform a variety of exercises to target all muscle groups. 

What is included?

Home or Gym friendly workout program

Beginner friendly

Build stamina and strength

Minimal equipment: dumbbells, kettlebell, booty bands

4 workouts/week

6 different workouts


Lean and Toned Basic Gym Training 5 Day/Week Split 

Program type: Weight Training

The perfect program for those looking for a 5-day gym routine for their week. This program includes 3 progressive phases, a body split, and a combination of cardio HIIT and steady-state workouts. Each phase focuses on progressive overload techniques to ensure you get maximum results. With this program, you'll have access to a comprehensive and detailed weight training program that will help you achieve your fitness goals.

What is included?

12-week program


Progressive overload with 3 phases

Body split weight training

Improves strength and lean muscle building

Cardio HIIT + Steady State schedule 

Strength Training/ Progressive Overload Program

Program type: Strength Training

Designed for people who are familiar with weight training and are looking to take their workouts to the next level. This program will push your limits and help you see results in a relatively short period of time. Each day is designed to challenge your body and increase your strength and power.

What is included?

6-week program


6 day body split

Progressive overload and weight training

Cardio HIIT + Steady State schedule 


DB + KB Bikini Body Workout Program

Program type: Weight Training

This dumbbell and kettlebell only Bikini Body Workout Program is the perfect solution for those looking to get in shape for the summer. This program can be done either in the comfort of your own home or at the gym. Each training contains a combination of full body and isolation exercises that will help you tone and shape your body while increasing your strength and endurance. Cardio HIIT and Steady State will help you burn fat, build a lean physique, and improve your cardiovascular health. The program's calendar is designed to maximize results in the shortest amount of time.

What is included?

4-week program

Home or Gym with minimal equipment

5 days of training per week

Upper-body, lower-body, and full-body split

Cardio HIIT + Steady State schedule 

Looking for Something More Personalized?

Try our personalized training or full body transformation for a perfectly curated fitness regime for your goals.

physically fit woman working out. She is wearing a hat and holding a barbell with weights.

Personalized Training

Fully customized gym-based or home-based program to help you reach your fitness goals. Complete a consultation with a Fitnello coach and in return you will receive a personalized training program.

Blonde muscular woman flexing her arms. She is wearing glasses, a white sports bra, and black leggings.

Body Transformation

Fully customized gym-based or home-based program with nutrition and lifestyle coaching. Check-ins with your coach and detailed feedback.

Woman with black long hair and black top and leggings. She is stretching.

Free Consultation

Unsure which package is best for you? Book a free consultation with a Fitnello trainer to find a program with the perfect fit.

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