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How To Make Fitness A Lifestyle

Updated: Feb 11

Fitness is not a habit, a task, or even a trend you follow. It is a lifestyle – a lifestyle, when followed, gets the best benefits in every way – physical, emotional, and mental.

However, it takes work and discipline to turn fitness into a lifestyle you keep following for the rest of your life.

You need to be truly in love with the idea of adapting fitness to your life so you can get maximum ease at converting it into a lifestyle...

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Can You Make Fitness a Lifestyle?

Making fitness your lifestyle means creating a life that revolves around health and wellness. Instead of letting yourself be controlled by strict patterns and habits, make the lifestyle work for you so in the end, you are truly satisfied with what you have on your plate.

Many people, unfortunately, forget about this and end up making poor lifestyle choices. They either play it too hard and push themselves beyond the point of bearing that they lose it, or they make it so impossible to start it in the first place. The idea is to make peace around it, so you don't end up doing either of these things. In this article, we will see what are the ways through which you can make fitness a lifestyle.

For more tips and tricks, keep reading below.

1. Make It Fun

Fitness requires discipline with passion. No amount of alarm clocks, reminders, and getting hard on yourself will push you to get that motivation. Instead, you need to turn the other way around and consider making it fun for you.

It is noted that when we make something fun for ourselves, we tend to be more excited and passionate about it. The trick lies in the psychology of it, so make sure you do something about it in the most convenient and fun way possible. Instead of bringing yourself to eat a healthy diet and exercise, you need to accompany fun ways to bring fitness to you! If you aren't a runner, find alternatives such as biking, rowing, or a HIIT class!

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For example, try learning fun and healthy recipes you can make with your loved ones. Turn some music on in the kitchen and think of meal-prepping as a way to get fresh from all the routine you have been following at work.

Make a low-calorie, high-protein pizza! Set friendly competitions with your pals at the gym and see if you keep each other on your toes. This way, you will be driven by enthusiasm and a healthy sense of competitiveness. It will make it easier for you to adapt to a lifestyle that centers around fitness.

2. Schedule Exercise Into Your Day

You also need to schedule exercise into your days if you want to make fitness your regime. Most people see fitness as something hard to stick to because they separate their fitness regimen away from their routine. This is not going to help you as, eventually, you are going to feel burdened by it.

So, instead, try to see how you can schedule exercise in your day in a way that becomes a part of your daily routine. Similar to how we have to schedule a date night with our partners, you need to schedule a specific time to work out, or else it will never happen.

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One tip that works for most people is to put exercise in chunks during different parts of the day instead of getting it cornered at one particular time. This will help you have a fun time exercising instead of it feeling like a burden.

For example, you can break exercise into chunks, such as walking. Walk for 30 minutes in the morning and strength train for 30 minutes in the evening.

This way, it will become integrated with your routine, and instead of seeing it as "extra" stuff on your daily checklist, you now see it as something of a habit.