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Looking for 
a Women's Fitness Gym in Rocklin?

We Specialize in Women's Fitness!  Our Personal Training Sessions, Group Classes, Weight Loss Coaches, and Nutrition Experts are available to you in Rocklin.


Women's Fitness in Rocklin

Fitnello is privileged to be located in the heart of Rocklin, CA. We offer various women's personal training, group fitness classes, fitness challenges, and body transformation coaching. Our classes include strength training and HIIT. Join Fitnello Fitness today! Your first 30-minute personal training session is on us!


An active lifestyle and fitness philosophy are embedded in Rocklin's community.  The city ranks amongst the fastest growing and most active cities in California according to

Fitnello Fitness, Fitness Training, Group Training, Strength Training

Nutrition & Supplements

Rocklin's Best Resource for Nutrition & Fitness Supplements

We are your official 1st Phorm Retailer in Rocklin, CA.


Nutrition is a core component of healthy living and fitness. How many times have we heard abs are made in the kitchen? Your body needs proper nutrition in order to function in optimal health. Additionally, supplements are typically taken to build muscle, lose weight, or improve endurance. Fitnello Fitness Shop has a large selection of 1st Phorm supplements to choose from.


The 1st Phorm supplements will fortify your wellness foundation by simply supplying your body with the nutrients it needs! This ensures you earn the best fitness results moving forward and get to your fitness goals as fast as possible.

To make your purchase, please visit Fitnello Fitness Studio & Store at:  2209 Sunset Blvd Ste 901, Rocklin, CA 95765 

Nutrition, Supplements, Fitness Supplements
Fitness Supplement, Protein Powder, Nutrition

InBody Scan Rocklin

The body composition test describes your weight very accurately and provides an excellent overview of your overall health; often it is more accurate than traditional methods.  It’s a 15-second test that quickly measures the fat mass, muscle mass, and body water. Auto-calibrated, user-friendly, and non-invasive, testing is fast and easy—just stand on the device and hold the hand electrodes.  At Fitnello we provide a free body composition scan.

​The data InBody270 produces is also very detailed. It gets the essential outputs for evaluating overall health and wellness. Identifies changes in body composition, tracks progress, validates programs, and delivers actionable advice based on trustworthy data.

InBody Scan Rocklin, Body Scan, Fitness Tracker

Rocklin Women's Gym

Simply put, FITNELLO is the best women's gym in Rocklin and the surrounding areas, such as Roseville and Granite Bay.  Don’t take our word for it – book a free session today to try out our fitness classes before you join.



Although we are located in Rocklin, women like you come to our gym from the following areas of the Greater Sacramento Area:  Rocklin - Roseville - Granite Bay - Loomis - Lincoln - Citrus Heights - North Highlands - Antelope - Orangevale - Folsom - Sacramento.   

Cardio & HIIT

Cardio is one of the most crucial parts of female fitness.  At our gym, we incorporate cardio and HIIT into most of our personal training and group classes. This is an excellent way to improve cardiovascular health and mobility.


Having said that, it is always nice to run outdoors when the weather permits.  We are located in  Rocklin, therefore we are intimately familiar with the best outdoor places where you can get your cardio done.  Click here to view our favorite places in Rocklin for an outdoor run and more!


Fitness and Food


Where to Eat Out & Stay Fit?

We are your local experts in women's fitness, weight loss, and nutrition.  We also live in the Rocklin area, and sometimes just like you we just don't really want to cook a meal at home...


So if you are into fitness and are on a life-long fitness journey, where do you go out to eat without jeopardizing your hard work at the gym? 

Our pick goes to the Nugget Markets in Rocklin. Their chef seems to understand the fact that many women who live in Rocklin would enjoy ordering from the daily fresh salad stands, where you can tailor your salad to any custom needs, add a protein like chicken or shrimp, and keep it under 400 calories.

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