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What is Included:

  • A fully custom fitness program found within the Fitnello App.

  • Training and cardio protocols based on your schedule, lifestyle and your fitness goals.

  • Easy-to-follow along Fitnello Training App which includes many features that will help you stay on track.

  • Gym or home versions are available upon request.

  • Choose from 2 training level options: Beginner/Intermediate or "Train Like Me" Advanced Level.

  • 9-weeks worth of meal plans, and over 150+ recipes that you can use during the challenge.

  • Access to the Fitnello App to track your progress and stay accountable through weekly check-ins.

  • Nutrition Guide with Fitnello's "5FIT Principles" that will help you see results without feeling like you are dieting.

  • The calendar on the app to keep track of all your workouts and cardio.

  • 100% Support via the Fitnello app, so you never feel like you are on your own.

Special Bonus:

  • You will be given a chance to attend 5 FREE group classes at Fitnello Fitness in Rocklin, CA

  • Receive a FREE, brand new edition of Elina's "ULTIMATE Recipe Collection" that will go hand in hand with your weekly seasonal MENU during these 9-weeks. 

  • Access to our custom app with a workout library available at your finger’s tips. Whether you will be working out from home, gym, or both you will have all the appropriate workout options for your level and the setting you are in.

The Winners:

Fitness Challenge, Cash Prize, Womens Fitness

1st Place: $1500 Cash Prize (everyone will pitch in $20-25 based on how many people will enroll)

Fitness Challenges, Womens Fitness, Womens Gym

2nd Place: $300 Worth of Fitness Goodies (1-st Phorm products or anything at FITNELLO Shop)

Womens Gym, Womens Private Gym, Fitness Challenges

FITNELLO's Fitness Challenges are semi-monthly events conducted 4-6 times a year.  They are designed to encourage and motivate women to become and stay active. Participants compete in a variety of fitness challenges, such as losing body fat percentage and building muscle mass through workouts, strength training, weight lifting, and cardio.  Women are tracking their progress and goals throughout the challenge via InBody scans, which are complimentary to all participants.  Prizes are awarded to the participants who reach the highest levels of the fitness challenge.  The event is open to all women regardless of their fitness level. You don't have to be fit to begin or win the challenge.  It's all about the fitness progress you make!

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